C & J Friedkin

“This is going to get ridiculous because it is hard to not glow too much about Sandy Duplessis as a real estate broker. We truly could not have expected or wanted more out of someone who was helping us find our dream home in New Orleans. She really learned “us” on the fly, tuned what she was showing to our needs and almost on a daily basis went well beyond what we expected. We couldn’t recommend her more highly. She was truly PRESENT during the whole process. Available, knowledgable and informative. The Long Story: We were flying into town for a week to look for a home to buy. Sandy was recommended to us by somebody we had worked with while buying our home in California. We came with a few different ideas of where we wanted to be and what kind of property we were looking for. I would guess that this would be a nightmare for some brokers. Not Sandy. We met her several hours every day for those 7 days and looked at an extraordinary number of properties. As our idea of what we wanted jelled, with complete patience and a smile on her face, Sandy adapted beautifully to what could have been frustrating to most. At the end of our trip, we had found a house we loved, made an offer and… didn’t get it. So that meant that we would be doing this remotely. By then, Sandy had proven to be very sensitive to what we wanted, so we trusted her to continued to send us listings that she felt fit our needs. Eventually we found a house that we wanted. This meant we had to go through the process of inspections, negotiations, booking construction crews and escrow from out of state. Sandy was always able to be on the spot at those crucial events. We always felt we could rely on her and trust her. Throughout the process it never felt like Sandy was more interested in making a sale than in making sure we were happy and comfortable with our decisions. You would be getting the best agent using Sandy Duplessis”

— Anonymous